The throne of worship

on Tuesday, 21 July 2020. Posted in Faith, Opinions

By: Leslie B. Williamson

Worship is a very sensitive term that involves having relationship with God. As we have already said, praise is something every living creature can do. We have all witnessed nature singing forth their praises early in the mornings in thanksgiving for provision and existence. They are not provoked by a praise team nor a worship leader to do so. Even they have knowledge to know that God provided what they needed. It is my belief that they remember from the time of the creation where they were spoken into existence. Just as we can remember what God has done for us over the years. But again, here we are referring to “praise”. We all know the scripture in Psalm 150 that says, “Let everything that hath breath, praise the Lord”. That includes everything that breathes the breath of life from the tiniest insect to the largest behemoths that ever existed.

In comparison, for me “worship” is a place. The scriptures states that “they that worship Him (Yah), MUST worship Him in spirit and in truth”. It is a place that we can go to, to spend time with our Father and the Ruach to pour out our expressions of love and adoration unto Him. In order to worship, one must have a relationship with the Father. Worship is not based on how good God is, but WHO He is. Worship doesn’t necessarily involve thanksgiving for what He has done, but it is more of marveling at who He is and the awesomeness of His grandeur. Even in a room full of people, worship will take you to that place where no one else exists except for you and the Creator.

As the scripture said prior, worship can only be done in spirit and in truth. Outside of that, it’s not worship, it’s praise. A sinner can praise God all day long (because they have breath), but he/she can never worship until it is done in spirit and truth. Therefore, someone who walks in sin without any repentance can indeed praise God, but in order to worship, there has to be a transformation in their life.

When it comes to praise, the praises from your mouth go up before God and into His presence in the throne room like a smoke vapor rises upward. But in worship, your spirit is what rises and meets the Father in His atmosphere and it is there that He will commune and sup with us and do the things He longs to do in us to make us more like Him. Can you see the difference? Worship causes us to lay down the things that hold us back because those things will no longer be important. You may wonder why you haven’t gotten any further in life than you have as a believer. The reason could be that you refuse to let go of those weights that hold you back because you never really worship as you were intended to do.

Father Yah wants us to enjoy our times with him and receive the benefit of worshipping. Take note of the scriptures as you read them of how those in the bible would worship. Understand that they were not asking for anything, nor were they petitioning God for something. They were marveling at Yah’s power and might, His dominion and awesomeness. They were telling Him that there was none like Him and that they recognized Who He was and what He was able to do.

If you are a believer, please take the time to not only praise Father God but learn how to worship Him. Just imagine Him seated on His throne with countless angels surrounding Him, but it’s YOU that He is waiting for. Go to that place where you can tell the Creator that you know Who He is and He will tell you,” I know who you are too”. Allow Him to tell you who you are and what He intends for you to be. There is a freedom in that place of worship. Take the time to find it and spend some precious moments there with The One seated on the throne.

Good life

12 August 2020