As if

on Tuesday, 28 July 2020. Posted in Faith, Opinions

By: Leslie B. Williamson

I am reminded of a testimony my sister shares quite often whenever she has the opportunity. Several years ago, she was singing at a church during a service and fell unconscious from an aneurysm. There was a 25% chance that she would not make it and even if she did, she would mostly have some type of deficit from a possible stroke during the surgery. Needless to say, God had it already figured and worked out. It wasn’t just by chance that the world-renowned neurological surgeon just happened to be at the hospital and did her surgery. God has a way to bring people in our paths when we need them.

My sister had been silently praying as they prepped her for surgery that God would protect and shield her during this major operation. Her husband was in the chapel praying Ps. 91:4 at the time that they were rolling her in that sterile and cold operating room and it was there that she saw four large angels surrounding her gurney with their wings touching one to the other’s. That scripture reads, “For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.” The answer to that prayer was instant and timely. The angels responded to the word of command that came from the mouth of a believer. Long story short, my sister was healed in no time at all. She required no medication, rehab nor were there any after-effects! God did a complete job. One thing that really stuck with me that her doctor told her after only ten days in the hospital. His instructions for her was to “Go and live as if it never happened”. That was so remarkable to me as a believer.

Once we are forgiven and washed clean by the precious blood of our Savior, we have only but to go and live as if it never happened. I say this emphatically that this is not to excuse past sins or bad behaviors. We do have to deal with all of those things that stand in our way, but once we take care of our business and go to the Father, confess our shortcomings and mistakes, ask for forgiveness and repent, we can walk in newness of life!

Even though things do happen that take us off course, we know that we can make it right if we want to and carry on a fruitful life without all the baggage. Remember when King David had sinned and suffered the loss of his child? The scriptures say that he mourned, prayed, repented and cried for both his son and his sin. Then it goes on to say that after a time, David got up, washed his face, ate a meal and began to worship God. He carried on as the King he was meant to be. He went on as if nothing had happened because God had already dealt with his sin. It was time to move forward and David knew that. Now it’s time for you my friend to know the same. God has dealt with your waywardness. He has forgiven your sin because you asked and in faith, believed. Now it’s time to move forward as if. As if what? As if it never happened! Rejoice for your Redeemer lives!

Good life

12 August 2020