Fire doesn’t always destroy

on Tuesday, 03 July 2018. Posted in Faith, Columns

Southern summer safety

on Tuesday, 26 June 2018. Posted in Columns, Opinions

As of June 21st, summer has officially begun. The state of South Carolina did not need permission from the calendar in order to start getting warmer. According to the Department of Natural Resources, the highest recorded temperature in South Carolina, 113

Growing up and getting older

on Tuesday, 19 June 2018. Posted in Columns, Opinions

As I have mentioned previously, I am the oldest of all my siblings. I have a brother named Caleb, another brother named Josiah, and my sister named Anna.

Father figures: figuring it out

on Tuesday, 12 June 2018. Posted in Columns, Opinions

You know Father’s Day is fast approaching when the commercials for grills, tools, and cars all start airing a little more frequently. Father’s Day from the view of capitalism is all about getting the ‘right gift for dad’. Some argue that the right gift is

‘Tis the season - hurricane season that is

on Tuesday, 05 June 2018. Posted in Columns, Opinions

By the time this paper comes out hurricane season will have official began here in South Carolina. According to the South Carolina State Climatology Office “Hurricane season begins June 1 and ends November 30” (2018). Despite South Carolina being relative

A first time for everything

on Wednesday, 30 May 2018. Posted in Columns, Opinions

Since having moved to South Carolina I have experienced my share of “firsts”. These “firsts” range from new restaurants, new words, and overall new experiences. I wanted to talk about some of these experiences that I have had. Some were good, some were gr

News Journal’s new editor says “Hello”

on Wednesday, 23 May 2018. Posted in Columns, Opinions

Hello, my name is Philip James Maenza III. I am the new editor here at the News Journal. I have already met so many new people and long time readers of the News Journal and I look forward to meeting many more. I wanted to take the time to introduce myself

This journey ends, a new one begins

on Tuesday, 15 May 2018. Posted in Columns, Opinions

I’ve dreamed about retirement for many years, but now that the time has come, I’m a bundle of emotions. Monday was my last day with Swartz Media. For the first time since I was a teenager, I’m unemployed. That’s a little scary. It is also freeing and ex

Making travel plans? Consider S.C.

on Wednesday, 09 May 2018. Posted in Columns, Opinions

Weather is improving, summer is coming so now is a good time to start planning a vacation or weekend getaway. You don’t have to go far – there is lots to do and see right here in our own state. VacationIdea has developed a list of the 25 Best Places to V

More of my favorite quotes

on Wednesday, 02 May 2018. Posted in Columns, Opinions

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” Laozi, “Old Master,” (6th-5th century BC- 531 BC). “Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.” Emanuel James “Jim” Rohn (1930-2009). “

The transistor radio was cool in its day

on Wednesday, 25 April 2018. Posted in Columns, Opinions

I don’t remember if it was for Christmas or my birthday, nor do I remember the year, but sometime in the late 1950s or early 1960s, my parents gave me a transistor radio. This neat little portable device was about the size and shape of a man’s electric ra

Spring break in Washington

on Wednesday, 18 April 2018. Posted in Columns, Opinions

Taking my teenage granddaughters to Washington, D.C., during their spring break seemed like a great idea. I wanted them to see our nation’s Capitol and get a visual of this beautiful city and a better understanding what it is about. So, on April 3, I drov

Just a little trivia

on Wednesday, 11 April 2018. Posted in Columns, Opinions

Don’t worry about the male mosquitoes, only female mosquitoes will bite you. In the early stage version of “The Wizard of Oz,” Dorothy’s faithful companion Toto was replaced by a cow named Imogene. Dr. Seuss was challenged to write a book using no more th
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