Your words will come back to you (Copy)

on Monday, 12 September 2022. Posted in Local News

Your words will come back to you (Copy)
       The Most High has so many unique wonders that He created in our universe. There are still discoveries that scientists are uncovering to this day.
      Subspecies of insects on the vast floor of the Amazon Rain Forest and the phenomenon of the Northern Lights in the North Pole are just some examples of His marvels. Amazing and awesome are but two words that only come close to describe the splendor of God’s creativity.
          Sound is another example of God’s magnificent works. He has allowed mankind to discover how to measure and collect sound in such a way that now we can understand that sound moves.
       Let’s take the echo for example. An echo is defined as “a sound or series of sounds caused by the reflection of sound waves from a surface back to the listener.” Amazingly, the sound that is uttered travels across space and bounces off any hard surface, much like the way a rubber ball bounces off a wall, and reproduces the exact same sound that was originally expressed.
       Whatever we say goes out into the atmosphere and does something in the physical and spiritual realm. Being made in the image of the Trinity gives us the ability to create when we speak, just like they did in the beginning. The words that we speak go out and create whatever it is that we have said and return to us just like an echo in the Grand Canyon.
      Words are sounds that continually move. When words are spoken, they remain in our memory where they can be heard repeatedly in our powers of recall.
         The echoes we create should produce healthy, luscious Godly gardens that not only go out to feed others, but come back to feed us as well. Even when we are giving correction, it still applies to us.
    While at my grandson’s game this past weekend at Williamson-Brice, we had a delightful time until the people in front of us started standing on the seats in front of them. This was very frustrating. We had paid to see this game just like everyone else and we wanted to be able to see it. I held my tongue for a long time and then I found myself reaching up and tapping the young ladies on their shoulders. I asked them very kindly to please take a seat because we couldn’t see. An older gentleman in front of them was also standing and I asked he and his wife the same thing and he responded, “Well, the people in front of me are standing what am I supposed to do?” My response was, “Tell them to sit down, too.”
     You see, what I said to them applied to me also because there were people that sat behind me that would have had the same complaint if had I stood as well. Those words I spoke applied to me also and met me like a Mississippi stranger. Remember, the echoes we create will also face us and should make us evaluate our words.
        Leslie Williamson is a freelance writer and conference and motivational speaker. Contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..