WILLIAMS: There’s a monster under my bed

on Monday, 02 May 2022. Posted in Local News

Leslie Williamson. Guest Columnist

        How many times have we been beckoned to our children’s bedroom because they were certain that there was a hideous monster underneath the bed?

     To be truthful, I myself have made that call a few times in my life as a wee one when told to go to bed. My parents would always assure me that there was absolutely nothing under my bed and that I could go to sleep without being eaten or dragged into the closet to be thrown into a monster’s lair. That’s very hard to believe when you are absolutely sure that the thing you saw peek at you in the dark or the noise you heard was a direct threat to your well being.

      It’s funny how our imagination will create the worst scenario and cause us to believe it. But this is true for the redeemed as well. We all know that there is no perfect person on the earth. The scriptures declare that “All have sinned, and fallen short of the glory of God”

    (Romans 3:23). We all have a story, even though some are more intense than others. There are many things that we have done that we aren’t proud of and would rather forget, but every now and then someone will come along to remind you of what you did in your past.

        I have a very dear friend that had a sordid and convoluted past but has since given his life to his Savior. According to what scripture says, “Old things are passed away and behold all things have become new.” Well not according to some people. His response has been, “once I have repented and asked for forgiveness, my sins are tossed into the sea of forgetfulness, so if The Most High can forgive and forget, why can’t you?” I was very proud of that response because it says everything.

    Sometimes people like to revisit the past so that they can remind you of all the bad things that you may have done, but remember, when you confess your sin, God is faithful and just to forgive you of your sins and cleanse you of all unrighteousness! You don’t have to remember what was done in sin, just remember what was done for your sin and the fact that you don’t have to go there anymore.

       There are no more monsters under your bed, beloved. The evil reminders that try to pull you back into a place of misery can’t frighten you any longer. Turn on the lights and look real long and hard underneath there and dispel the darkness that tries to bind you. People will try to place you right back into bondage again, but now you are free and free indeed. So goodbye monsters and get out from under the bed!

      Leslie Williamson is a freelance writer and conference and motivational speaker. Contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.