The truth of what you believe

on Monday, 28 November 2022. Posted in Local News

In our everyday lives, we sometimes forget that we are made in the image of The Most High. I mean, think about it! The template upon which we were created, created the whole world and everything in it. It’s hard to conceive the magnitude of this concept when we are operating in our flesh rather than in the spirit. One of the biggest battles we have is trying to make sense out of the truth that God made us like Him! The adversary has a wonderful time deceiving us to believe the things that God is trying to help us understand. Let me tell you, in my time of ministering to people who are facing certain circumstances, I become extremely frustrated because before I can get an encouraging word out of my mouth, they are already agreeing with the lie that the enemy has whispered to them. Another obstacle is the fact that people do not read the scriptures. They take something that someone has told them and make it a Godly principle when in fact, it is completely opposite of what was intended by our Creator. In Psalm 119:11, the scriptures declare that “Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee.” When we read and digest the Word of God, we have everything we need to stay pure and walk upright no matter what we may encounter in life. The promises of God are not predicated upon how we feel at the moment or what we are going through because those things are temporary. What remains steadfast and unmovable is the Word of God. The scriptures declare that God’s Word is sure and forever settled in heaven according to Psalm 119:89-96. If the Word says that I’m healed, then even in sickness I am still healed. If the scriptures say that everything that I’m going through will somehow work for my good, then that is what I will believe. The things we see are subject to change if we believe God’s promises. I’m going to take this a step further by saying that we put our all in all in the practice of prayer. But the actual key is just to believe what the scripture says. Prayer is definitely an avenue of victory. It is the gateway to conversation with The Holy Ghost Who is our guide and Comforter. But it’s not enough just to pray. When you pray, you must simultaneously believe. Some people pray to believe, but a warrior prays because he believes. Do you see the difference? Within the last several years, the hot topic for self-care has been that we must have a lifestyle change to become and stay healthy. As children of The Most High, we too must take on a lifestyle change to see better results, greater victories, miracles and breakthroughs in our lives. When the enemy comes to you with distractions and lies that are contrary to what God says, tell him he is wasting his time trying to convince you. Once we become rooted and grounded in God’s promises, nothing can stop us when we believe. Leslie Williamson is a freelance writer and conference and motivational her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..