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Darlington County School District’s ‘eflyer’ system saves 1.7 million sheets of paper

on Thursday, 14 January 2016. Posted in Local News

DARLINGTON, S.C. – Schools in the Darlington County School District have collectively saved an estimated 1.7 million sheets of paper since transitioning in the fall of 2014 to an electronic flyer distribution system.

The “eflyer” system, Peachjar, allows the district’s 23 schools to send important flyers and school papers, both school and community related, to the email addresses of students, parents and family members. Flyers can range from school calendars and school newsletters to field trip forms and community announcements. The flyers are also available online for viewing.

The ease of distribution and lasting availability of information through Peachjar is highly important to the district, according to Superintendent Dr. Eddie Ingram.

“Peachjar is an effective way of making sure parents get the important messages they need,” Ingram said. “Making sure parents have access to essential information is our priority with this system.”

Peachjar replaced the traditional method of distributing paper flyers to students. By switching to Peachjar, the district cut down on the vast amount of time required for schools to process hundreds of paper flyers at a time. It also conserves immense quantities of paper and significantly reduces costs.

Using an algorithm designed by Conservatree.com, Peachjar estimates that the Darlington County School District has saved the equivalent of 204 trees by distributing 1,701,537 pages of eflyers.

The district is not only conserving paper and costs, but also reaching more parents and family members with important information than ever before. A common complaint during the era of paper flyers was that the flyers never made it into parents’ hands. Currently, 12,866 parents and family members are signed on to receive flyers through Peachjar in Darlington County School District.

Hartsville High School has distributed more than 391,000 pages of flyers or about 47 trees worth of paper through Peachjar, the most in the district. Hartsville Principal Dr. Charlie Burry said the effectiveness of the eflyer system is evident.

“Communication with the parents of our students is a key piece in our efforts to provide the best possible educational opportunities,” said Dr. Charlie Burry, principal of Hartsville High School. “Peachjar is a much more efficient way to get information into the hands of the people who need it, and we’re getting a lot more information out simply because we aren’t having to go to the trouble and expense of printing paper copies.  I also think parents appreciate not having to dig through their children’s bookbags to find paper copies of announcements, applications and other important information.”

It is free to distribute flyers through Peachjar for community organizations that do not charge any fees, such as the Darlington County Library System. Organizations and agencies that do have associated fees can distribute flyers for approximately $30 per school.

For more information, visit www.peachjar.com and www.darlington.k12.sc.us.

The Darlington County School District is a countywide public school system serving more than 10,400 students in 23 schools.