on Monday, 22 February 2021. Posted in News, Local News


Fearlessly fun! Our two tone beauty Harriett is a true smile maker. After a busy morning of getting out and testing dog after dog, she was the last on our list and boy did she make things fun and easy for us. Such a great girl in meeting a male and also female dog, it was apparent after only a few minutes of rear sniffing and nose sniffing that she had found new friends and wanted to run and play with them. Watching her run off leash with each of her new friends was pure joy! 

Harriett is a great fetcher and happily gallops along to catch the goody in the sky. With lots of kisses, hugs and overall love and energy to share with all, Harriett would thrive in a home with another dog and lots of items on her daily “to do” list. 

If an active, good natured, super affectionate dog sounds like a great match for your lifestyle, let us know. Harriett won’t disappoint you! She is a 2-year-old bully mix and weighs 40 lbs. 

For more information, call 843-398-4402 or email darlingtonhumanepets@gmail. com.

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