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Legacy of Women, Inc. announces partnership with Amazon

on Monday, 22 February 2021. Posted in News, Local News

The Legacy of Women, Incorporated is an organization with core functions centered around the needs of women and families. Our organization is about building capacity through the distribution of essential supplies, training, development, and educational programs created around the three components, mental and heart health, philanthropy, and leadership. 

Through our partnership with Amazon, Legacy of Women, Inc. will receive complimentary essential supplies. The supplies will be distributed directly to underserved communities through additional partnerships with local nonprofits serving children and families, especially within the Pee Dee Region of South Carolina. 

“As a resident of the Pee Dee community, Legacy of Women, Inc. is uniquely positioned to positively impact this region through the creation of job training programs, professional job coaching, financial literacy as well as by providing family sustainability assistance,” said Toyinda L. Smith, founder and CEO of Legacy of Women, Inc. 

Legacy of Women, Inc. is committed to actively engaging underserved communities by fostering innovative collaborations to respond to community needs. This partnership with Amazon is just one of many initiatives to build generational wealth and legacy. 

Legacy of Women, Inc. was established in September 2017 with the specific purpose to focus on the distribution of essential supplies, education, leadership training, development and growth for women and families at all levels in an effort towards advancement, support, and capacity building. 

For more information on Legacy of Women, Inc. visit our website www.legacyofwomeninc.org.

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