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Elevation Renovation

on Wednesday, 11 July 2018. Posted in News, Local News

Elevation Renovation

The 2018 Leadership Hartville Class, in collaboration with the Boys & Girls Club, will unveil its Elevation Renovation Project on July 12 at 11:30am at the Boys & Girls Club of Hartsville which is located at 1103 S 6th Street.

The Elevation Renovation Project was the service project of the 2018 Leadership Hartsville class to not only improve the Boys & Girls Club of Hartsville but to be able to give back to a deserving community of rich and important heritage to Hartsville. The project consisted of replacing an old fence, roof repair, cleaning, painting and the installation of murals to depict the history and legacy of Butler High School.

The 2018 Leadership Hartsville Class is honored and overjoyed to celebrate the heritage of the school and celebrate the new seeds of leadership that are growing with the Boys & Girls Club. It has been a rewarding process that included generous contributions from various organizations and donors to make this goal a reality.

The event will include a brief presentation to the Boys & Girls Club, official unveiling and ribbon cutting, and lunch with the students of the Boys & Girls Club. We hope to see you there.