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Dr. Ted Newman, O.D. voted Best Eye Doctor

on Wednesday, 16 May 2018. Posted in Good life, News, Local News

Dr. Ted Newman, O.D. voted Best Eye Doctor

By Scarlett Caddell

The ballots are counted and the reader’s choice for “Best Eye Doctor” is Dr. Ted Newman.

As I spoke with Dr. Newman it was easy to see why he is well-liked. His office manager, Ann Rush, says “He is a very special person. Patients love him and the staff loves him because he treats everyone like family.”

Dr. Newman has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. He is a Doctor of Optometry, graduating from Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago, Ill. After graduating college he and his wife Laura moved to Hartsville in the fall of 1980.

He has been in business at Pee Dee Eye Associates for 37 years.

Altogether Pee Dee Eye has been in Hartsville for 53 years. As many of you will remember Dr. Tucker had already been practicing there for 16 years. Presently there are two other providers at Pee Dee Eye Associates, Dr. Stephen Flowers, and owner Dr. W. Troy Alexander, who both grew up in Hartsville. Although he was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Dr. Newman has his roots deep in our town of Hartsville. He says, “I’m here to stay. All my children were born and raised here.” His family includes his wife Laura, three daughters and three sons-in-law, and eight grandchildren. He and Laura have been happily married for 42 years. He says, “My wife deserves a lot of credit for my success.” She is retired from Carolina Elementary where she was a Media Specialist. She has also worked with Pee Dee Eye and been a part of the business.

Pee Dee Eye is a very unique practice as they focus more on medical issues than just routine eye exams. They are on the trauma staff at the ER for calls, so they see a lot of medical problems. Dr. Newman says that 75 percent of his patients are medical issues, such as diabetes, glaucoma, macular degenerate, cataracts, etc.

Pee Dee Eye is a full service lab with a wide range of sunglasses, prescription glasses and contact lenses. “We have people who drive from out of town to get their glasses with us because of our great selection,” says the office manager.

Ann also says of Dr. Newman, “Over the years patients have built a trust. They know he’s going to do the right thing. When patients come in it’s more than just an exam, they want to catch up with him.”

Dr. Newman stays busy with the community. He was off to Rotary for lunch after our meeting.

Pee Dee Eye has a growing number of employees of around 20. Everyone was quick to say that their entire practice works well together as a team.

Congratulations Dr. Newman for being voted the Best Eye Doctor in Darlington County once again.