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Scars can develop if an injury is not treated properly or you didn’t think a cut was deep enough to necessitate treatment. Scars also may develop after surgery or another medical procedure. Scars may be dark marks, which are pink, red or brown patches that result from post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Cuts, burns and other injuries to the skin, including acne, can contribute to hyperpigmentation. Certain scars may fade and become less noticeable on their own, but there are other ways to speed the process along. Dark scars can be made less visible after the application of topical treatments, such as those withsalicylic acid or glycolic acidpeels, which help promotecell turnover, advises thebeauty experts at GoodHousekeeping. At-home topical brightening ingredientsare another option that canbe discussed with a dermatologist. In terms of texturedscars, which may bedepressed or raised areas onthe skin, microneedling ordermaroller treatments mayhelp to diminish these scarsat home. Individuals withdeep, dark scars may needto seek the help of a dermatologist, who may recommend therapies that can uselight, peels and fills to makescars less visible. TF209317

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