Don’t put off for tomorrow

on Wednesday, 19 September 2018. Posted in Good life, Faith

By Leslie B. Williamson

As hurricane Florence approached last week, everyone from the coast to the inland got in a hurry to make ready for what was ahead. The meteorologist promised us that this storm would be like no other storm that we have experienced in the history of South Carolina. I lived through Hugo and Matthew and both of them were pretty intense, but according to the experts, these former hurricanes were nothing compared to Hurricane Florence.
From the time we heard Florence was coming up until she made landfall, the word for the day was “prepare”. Everyone who could walk, skip or call a taxi was busily purchasing the necessary items needed to survive in case of disaster. I saw people buying items and not even looking at the prices. The important thing to do for them was to prepare just in case we would have no electricity or water.
Oh how I wish we would be as concerned about our spiritual future. Every day that we are blessed to open our eyes and witness God’s mercy towards us, we have the opportunity to be ready and prepared when Jesus comes for us all. Two things are for sure. Florence made her way on her course to her destination and according to the scriptures, Jesus will return for those who are prepared.
I say to all who are reading these words to take heed and prepare for the coming of our Lord. It is certain and sure and there will be no excuses. Take your eternity seriously and prepare for it. We take time and invest money into our funerals by purchasing life (more accurately, death) insurance because we know that death is definite. What we fail to understand sometimes is the reality of our eternal destination. Your eternity is worth the investment of preparation.
I encourage you today not to wait another day. Prepare for you eternity today.