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Consumers prefer human interaction over chatbots

on Tuesday, 06 July 2021. Posted in Arts & Culture, Local News

    Technology may have changed the way people shop, but when it comes to customer service, consumers still want a more traditional way to ask questions or voice concerns. The Drift and SurveyMonkey Audience 2019 State of Conversational Marketing report found that, among 1,000 survey respondents, 39 percent indicated they had a good customer service experience with an online chat platform. Such positive experiences were far less frequent with chatbots, as only 16 percent of respondents indicated they had good customer service interactions with these widely utilized programs designed to simulate conversations with human users. Survey respondents indicated live chats with human beings outperformed chatbots because communication with humans was easier and more convenient. But chatbots still have a place in customer service solutions, as forecasters predict they will provide an avenue to considerable revenue in the years to come. In fact, one estimate from Juniper Research indicates that chatbots are expected to drive more than $112 billion in retail sales by 2023. That’s no small feat, as retail sales from chatbot interactions were estimated to total $7.3 billion in 2019. The meteoric rise in estimated sales from chatbot-related interactions underscores how profitable these services can be if used correctly. CB217087