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About Us

The News Journal is committed to the community.

It was founded in 1982 as the Florence County Shopper. By 1984 the paper went to a broadsheet and its name was changed to The News & Shopper to reflect the free community newspaper it had become. In 1993, The News & Shopper had become so accepted as a community newspaper that its name was changed, once again, to The News Journal.

Following a change in ownership in 2002, there were favorable revisions, including a redesign of the paper, updated equipment and a move to a nicer office and a more visible location.

In July 2006, publisher Don Swartz became owner of The News Journal and its sister publications, The Hartsville News Journal and The Marion County News Journal. Property in downtown Florence was purchased in the fall of 2006 and following extensive renovations, The News Journal was relocated to its present home, 312 Railroad Ave., which also houses its own press. On Feb.27, 2007 that press was cranked up and first issues of The News Journal were printed from this press.

The News Journal is a subsidiary of Swartz Media.

Fourteen employees, several of whom have more than 15 years with the company, work together to produce The News Journal and its sister publications

The News Journal's print edition features home delivery to 16,000 in the city of Florence and close proximity.

Our staff takes pride in publishing a weekly paper that is neat in appearance, cost effective for the advertiser and an asset to the community of Florence.

Our editorial content is community oriented. Popular weekly features include a historic photograph, called "Do You Remember?," a "Neighbor" who is part of our community, a local column by our editor, Brenda Harrison, a Faith page with a devotional written by local ministers, and a Good Life section reporting on local events and people, weddings and clubs news. There is also a Sports page focusing on our young athletes and a weekly crossword puzzle. Local writers include Bette Cox whose Family Memories tells stories from the past.

The News Journal is located in downtown Florence, S.C., at 312 Railroad Ave.

Our phone number is 843-667-9656 and fax number is 843-661-7102.

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